Wedding Network USA | Thompson Hotel Seattle

Last week we had the opportunity to document a networking and educational evening with  Wedding Network USA. It was a crisp and clear evening in downtown Seattle at one of the newest downtown establishments, Thompson Hotel and included a tour to the Nest overlooking the Puget Sound. It was there where we enjoyed delicious food/beverage, innovative/pretty/delicious cakes from Baked Custom Cakes, stunning floral/design/implementation by Rented Elegance Design in partnership with Choice Linen and DJ’d by Kris McCoskery. We had a panel of speakers including Caleb Norman James Designs and Kate Calamus of Seattle Bride Magazine that shared their perspective on current Seattle Wedding trends, from linens to floral to color schemes. It was an entertaining and informative evening with 60-plus wedding professional from the greater Seattle area. It was incredible, and if we do say, a perfect place for couples in love to get married in a intimate, beautiful and hip venue.

O’Brien Morris Family | West Seattle Family Photographer

We are so happy that we were able to have another Family Session with this West Seattle tribe this last Fall. Imagine it being a typically cool, pretty, gray day in a West Seattle mid-century modern home. The scene includes two delightful children 1.5 and 3.5 years old, Hudson – a sweet and energetic Blue Weimaraner and some of the most dedicated parents ever. It’s practically perfect – the sideways rain while at Schmitz Park could have been revised!

We arrived and were greeted by the entire family. The kids were so excited to share their pup with us, their favorite toys, books, new Disney icons and life with us since our last visit. We were excited about the espresso . . . and time seeing the kiddo’s growing into themselves. Though there wasn’t any plunger hockey being played this time (knock on wood!) there was plenty of Lego time, book reading, upside down shenanigans, small child wrangling, and a bit of time outside enjoying the Seattle elements.

Thank you Dave and Shannon for inviting us into your home and documenting these comical and sweet ages and stages of your family. It’s amazing to witness their growth and development over the last year.

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DSquared Launch Party | Benaroya Hall Photographer

We had the distinct pleasure of being able meet David and David, hear their stories of business and growth,  then document the launch of DSquared Company a few weeks ago at Benaroya Hall. It was a fantastic experience being able to meet and photography the Sales Team which also manages The Hall at Fauntleroy, Benaroya Hall, Melrose Studios, ACT Theater and Cornish Playhouse  and get to engage with some of their chefs, bartenders and servers. The investment and energy of the owners, the managers, front of house and back of house was deeply apparent, which makes the experience that much richer. The food was delicious, the energy was contagious, the space was beautiful . . . what more could be asked for?!

Participating vendors a this launch party included: Pedersens Event Rentals, Vintage Ambiance, Rented Elegance, Benaroya Hall, Creative Ice, Emanuel Del Casa, Jacqueline Tabor Band, Happy Hour Designer Bar Rentals, Choice LinensSysco FoodsFoods of AmericaLadro Coffee RoastingFlora Nova, and Chalk In Style.

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Scott + Aaron | Mount Rainier Wedding

These two. They make us so happy.

We were elated to get their inquiry about their Mount Rainier wedding, and even more so after our initial consult where we learned their story : which included the medical field and craziness, mountains, adventure, music, dogs, and family- both intentional and biological. We were a YES! from the get go.

Scott + Aaron brought their family from the East Coast and Midwest to celebrate their love, occupying the most beautiful hot-tub-laden Copper Creek Inn for all to enjoy for the entire Labor Day weekend. Their dear friend Leah worked in cooperation with Kristen from Jubilee Event Engineers to design, coordinate and ensure their aesthetic was true to them – and it was, simply perfect.

The day began with their mixing of Signature cocktails – our favorite, “Sassy Ginger” – to doing a slow and relaxed getting ready. They did their first look down a rainbow hearted aisle that led to their ceremonial space, and then we jumped into their truck to adventure on some stunning logging roads within the National Park. It just started to rain as we finished up, which was exactly what we expected. It was so cleansing and actually made the day that much fresher. Once we arrived back to the site, things fell into place and folks were paraded to the ceremony site where Scott and Aaron shared their heartfelt vows, and were wed in the most authentic, reverent yet humorous manner by their friend and officiant, Claire. It was deeply emotional, and we were so happy to be able to both witness and feel the love between the grooms and their community of loved ones.

After the emotional ceremony, the most stunning appetizers were passed compliments of Sunshine’s All Natural, cocktails started flowing, and the Warren G. Hardings Blue-Grass band started playing.  The catering was magic, and desert complimented the meal perfectly: naked hops inspired cake by Baked Custom Cakes, paired with the flavors offered by the Ice Cream Social cart which arrived for late night snacks. What a beautiful authentic, love and community filled, nearly inexpressible, toe-tapping, happy bellied wedding this was. We are honored to have been able to be partied to it.  Go ahead, witness the story of their big day from our lens….


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Buzz + Rodney | Seattle Wedding Photographer

Buzz + Rodney. You had me at Ya’ll. The most perfectly dynamic duo, and add in their Southern charm… wow.

We were introduced to Buzz + Rodney by Jenny at New Chapter Events, as they contracted her to plan their laid back waterfront wedding at Gasworks Park while they got on with life in Atlanta, GA. These two met whilst in Seattle – they had moved to Seattle from Atlanta within a month of each other. The rest is in their words:

How did you know….?

Rodney: I knew that I loved Buzz and that we had a bond and connection.  We dated for a while then took a break, then I randomly reached out and he said yeah, “I’ll go on date”… fast forward several years I knew in my heart that he was my soul mate and the man I wanted to spend my life with.

Buzz: We dated for awhile, then stopped talking for about a year. When Rodney came back he insisted to take me on a picnic at Gasworks for my birthday. We have been together ever since….

On the proposal. . . 

Buzz: Rodney proposed to me in Sitges, Spain… The setting was beautiful as we were on a overlook in the small town overlooking the city and the Mediterranean Sea. I honestly thought he was going to do it several times before then, so I wasn’t expecting it when he did. I was excited, but more overwhelmed and speechless when it happened.”

Rodney: Actual I did propose. I proposed because he said I had too! 😉 The planning was in the works for a months.  I had custom cuff links made to represent our time in Seattle along with his first trip to Europe.  I felt, excited, happy, nervous, full of love and completeness the moment he said yes! “

On the wedding. . . 

Buzz: I’m excited to go back where it all “officially” started (Gasworks Park), and complete the circle with our closes friends from our time in Seattle and Atlanta.

Rodney: Getting to say our vows and exchanging rings and proclaiming our love for each other in front of our friends and family.

Buzz + Rodney: Our theme, “You had me at y’all” has to do with our very southern accents in Seattle. Our accents turned heads there, so we thought it would be fitting … For our decor, it is a continuation of our style we us at our home we built together. We have a simple, modern aesthetic with a touch of rustic. We really want the environment and venues to speak for themselves, though. Being 2 of the best views in the city, we didn’t want to compete with those quintessential Seattle landmarks.

“I knew in my heart that he was my soul mate and the man I wanted to spend my life with.”

So, from reconnecting at Gasworks Park years before moving back East to the exchange of vows and committing to a life of partnership and love – complete with lawn blankets and vodka lemonades! They fostered a  quintessential chill waterfront wedding and travelled a mile down the road to have the waterfront reception at Westward.

It was impeccable…. They had the most excellent fusion of celebrants from the Deep South, to the Midwest to the local PNW scene. People were elated to come together, get to know each other, drink, dance and so on in the name of beards, I mean, love. From the oyster bar, humaned by the worlds fastest shucker, to the shrimp + grits to the seafood skewers, and the on-site spit-grille with Prime Rib to the locally harvested Salmon smothered in seasonal vegetables…. it was ridiculous. Not to mention the craft cocktails, the spread of deserts and the heartfelt toasts shared by friends.

Thank you, Buzz + Rodney for including us in your day of celebration, we are so happy to have been your wedding photographers. It was the best getting know you as well as your nearest and dearest as we captured the essence of your day. Your love most definitely wins.


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